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Roustan Capital was presented with the unique opportunity to acquire Supreme Brands L.L.C., owner of the authentic and iconic globally recognized TORSPO and CHRISTIAN hockey brands and it wasted no time to acquire them before these brands fell into the hands of others. While Chairman of Performance Sports Group, negotiations to acquire TORSPO were held but were not successful. Mr. Roustan has a deep understanding of the importance of the authenticity and iconic value that is inherent in a global brand with his experience overseeing Bauer around the world as its Chairman.

Roustan Capital will continue to pursue the acquisition of other hockey, baseball, lacrosse and other sports equipment brands alone or in partnership with others to create a leading sports equipment global enterprise.

The TORSPO and CHRISTIAN brands have a long and storied history. TORSPO is actually an abbreviation of Toronto Sports which was the name of the 1950's era company that Finnish businessman Hannu Tyynelä bought in 1970. In Finland, the Toronto name represented the roots of ice hockey and a dream that was alive on the other side of the vast Atlantic Ocean.TORSPO’s reputation grew with the stars it was associated with. The first-ever TORSPO player was Finnish national team defender Juha Rantasila, who was also heavily involved in the early product development. Later on Mats Näslund, the Swedish national that made his NHL career playing for the Montreal Canadiens, became the most visible spokesman for the brand. Then there was Larionov and the KLM Line as well as a host of Finnish NHL stars like Kai Suikkanen, Petri Skriko and Jyrki Lumme. At one point in its history there were sticks reportedly being customized for two hundred and forty (240) different professional players around the world at the TORSPO factory.

CHRISTIAN was a family affair that started off with Roger Christian and his brother Bill Christian and their brother-in-law Hal Bakke in Warroad Minnesota in the early 1960's. There are thousands of books, websites, stories and pictures depicting the success of the Christian brothers in their hockey careers and in the CHRISTIAN hockey sticks that were used by thousands around the world. Just as the Bauer family in Canada had an impact on the future of hockey, the Christian family in the USA had a substantial impact on the game of hockey in their own way.

Press Release

Roustan Capital Acquires TORSPO and CHRISTIAN Authentic & Iconic Global Hockey Brands

Toronto, Canada – May 8, 2017 – W. Graeme Roustan, Chairman and CEO of Roustan Capital (Roustan.com) today announced the acquisition of Supreme Brands L.L.C. (SupremeBrands.com), owner of both TORSPO (Torspo.com) and CHRISTIAN (ChristianHockey.com), two authentic and iconic global hockey brands.

“When these historic brands became available and many sought to acquire them, there was no way I was going to stand on the sidelines and pass up the opportunity to acquire both TORSPO and CHRISTIAN.” said Mr. Roustan.

Founded in Toronto Canada in 1956 as TORONTO SPORTS, the brand was abbreviated in 1970 to TORSPO by taking the first three letters of each word from its original name. It became an authentic and iconic European and Soviet Union dominated brand preferred by players on national teams in the Olympics and World Championships. TORSPO was often the choice of gear for the famous CCCP Red Army and other international hockey teams.

“Growing up in Montreal, I recall first seeing Mats Naslund of the Montreal Canadiens using TORSPO gear and then again Igor Larionov of the famous KLM line for the dominant CCCP Red Army hockey team.” said Roustan.

CHRISTIAN, founded in the early 1960’s in Warroad, Minnesota by brothers Bill and Roger Christian, their hockey sticks quickly became the prefered stick of choice for many players in the NHL. The success of the Christian brothers as members of the gold-medal USA Hockey team at the 1960 Olympics, America’s first true “Miracle on Ice,” and the use of CHRISTIAN sticks in the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” propelled the brand globally.

“The future plans for both TORSPO and CHRISTIAN will be announced in the coming months.” said Roustan.

To celebrate, Roustan Capital donated 200 and subsidized 1,000 CHRISTIAN hockey sticks for ProjectNorth.ca to be donated to children in Canada’s North as part of the CanadaC3.ca Northwest Passage Journey. In addition, 200 CHRISTIAN hockey sticks have been donated to the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL.ca) and 100 hockey sticks have been donated to Warroad Youth Hockey in Minnesota (warroadhockey.com) “Project North led by Michelle Valberg, CanadaC3 founded by Geoff Green, the CWHL led by Brenda Andress and Warroad Youth Hockey, are exceptional organizations that I am pleased to support and encourage others to do so.” said Roustan.

About: W. Graeme Roustan is Chairman of Roustan Capital and was Chairman of Performance Sports Group, owner of Bauer from April 2008 through September 2012. While Chairman, he took the company public on the Toronto Stock Exchange. A Sherbrooke Quebec native, he plays Center at 6’, 185 lbs, shoots left and wears # 44.

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